About Us

The Story of Daifuku Mochi
Legend has it that Daifukumochi (大福), or simply Daifuku (大福-great luck), were once common Japanese glutinous rice cakes called Habutai Mochi (腹太-belly thick rice cake). In feudal Japan, the wives of Samurais would lovingly prepare these simple snacks for their warrior husbands to bring along to war because the Habutai Mochi was handy to carry along and the sweet centres in the Mochi would remind them of their wives back home. Many returning Samurais attribute their victories to these simple snacks, saying they brought them luck. Since Fuku (腹-belly) and Fuku (福-luck) are the same in Japanese, the name Habutai Mochi was eventually changed to Daifuku Mochi (大福-great luck rice cake).

About Dezato Dezato
Dezato Dezato now brings you these popular Japanese delicacies in the way they should be made, straight from Niigata - the rice capital of Japan! Using only premium Japanese ingredients and the best rice available, we have perfected the same Daifukus that brought the Samurais home. With a unique and deliciously chewy exterior, accompanied by a smooth, tasty paste with every bite, you can now savour the authentic Japanese Daifuku at Dezato Dezato.

Dezato Dezato Family
Our Dezato Dezato family is made up of 4 members who have one thing in common - they love good Japanese desserts!

Yota (ヨータ) is the leader of the family! He loves to eat and always has his tongue stuck out. Yota is a friendly and cheerful boy who is well-respected by everyone.
Momoka (ももか) is a very shy girl who is always blushing! She is a sweet and lovable girl and is deeply in love with Yota.
Tobimaru (トビマル) or Tobi as we like to call him, is the nosiest and most active of the lot! He has a bubbly and humorous personality and is always happy.
Rinka (リンカ) is the smartest of the lot. She loves to read and is quiet but approachable. She is the one who can give the wisest advice whenever we need it.

Enjoy authentic Japanese desserts of the highest quality with Dezato Dezato!